Destination L’étang de Vaise

L’étang deVaise can only be rented only in its entirety. With about 3.5 hectares, the majority of our guests will probably be 2 or 4 anglers but you accept up to 6. The choice is yours!

L’ étang des Vaise is equipped with an luxurious 4-birth lodge. The accommodation includes a first bedroom with a double bed and a second bedroom with two single beds. In addition, you will find a beautiful living room, a fully equipped kitchen and a separate bathroom toilet. The lodge also has electric heating, making it an excellent choice for the colder months of the year.

Two spacious pegs were built on the lake: a spot for the luxurious 4-birth lodge and another on the central part of the lake to accommodate biwys.

Each peg has a platform of about 20 m2 covered with gravel! It is advisable to use a rodpod and not rod rests. A boat is included in the price on both platforms. If you wish, you can install your own electric motor or rent it on site for € 50 per week (supplied with 2 batteries). Each spot is also equipped with a weigh bag, a landing mat and disinfectant.

At the dike, the water is up to 4.5 m deep. The lake bed consists of sand, gravel and mud. We advise you bring equipment to probe to inspect the most productive lakebed.

The fish stock of Létang de Vaise is unique. A total of 110 carp between 12 and 27.2 kg were introduced for an average weight of more than 15 kg. In addition, there are 10 grass carp weighing up to 29 kg, 10 koi carp, 2 silver carps of 26 and 29 kg and 2 mandarin catfish of 18 and 25 kg.

All fish are chipped to avoid theft and accurately track their growth. During the closing period, pellets are distributed several times a week in order to keep our fish healthy and to increase the average weight. In parallel, a bubbler system has been installed to maintain good water quality and sufficient levels of oxygen to stimulate fish to activley search for food.

With 110 carp over about 3.5 hectares, L’étang des Vaises is certainly not a carpodrome. Capturing specimens that inhabit the lakes will require precision and is aimed at experienced anglers. The lake is not intended to provide dozens of bites per day but rather to offer the opportunity to capture exceptional carp.

You must submit your order at least 2 weeks before your arrival to make sure that the products are available.

For the safety of our fish the use of your own seeds is prohibited, it is however possible to buy on site:

  • Pot of 3 litres of Tigernuts, hempseed or particlemix: 12 €
  • 5 kg of cooked hempseed: 19 €
  • 5 kg of cooked Tigernuts: 19 €
  • 5 kg of cooked particles (big hemp, white millet, wheat, corn): 19 €
  • 5kg of cooked corn: 15 €.


The use of fresh boilies is mandatory, you can find products from the CC Moore range on site.

  • 5 kg Live System 18 mm: 39,90 €
  • 500 ml bait booster Live System: 10,80 €
  • 1 pot of Wafters 18 mm Live System: 7 €
  • 5kg Odyssey XXX: 44,90 €
  • 500 ml bait booster Odyssey XXX: 11,90 €
  • 500 ml of Response Cream: 8.50 €
  • 500 ml of oak oil: 9,50 €
  • 1 pot of Pop Ups NS1 white 14 mm: 7,40 €
  • 1 pot of Pop Ups NS1 pink 14 mm: 7,40 €


We also propose pellets with which we feed our fish:

  • 20 kg Coppens pellets 14 mm: 32 €
  • 20 kg Coppens pellets 20 mm: 35 €
  • 25 kg SARB pellets 4,5 or 9 mm: 40 €
  • 20 kg babycorn: 18 €.
  • Barbless hooks are mandatory
  • Gardner hooks can be bought on site: € 5 per bag.


You can use your own engines on the boats available.

Should you need, you can rent an electric motor with 2 batteries for 50 € per week.

Arriving time: between 11am and 1pm - Departure time: between 9am and 10am

  • After unloading your equipment, you must park your car at the entrance of the property.
  • Only green or camouflaged tents and umbrellas are allowed.
  • Swimming is prohibited.
  • Contact us when you want to bring a dog, we must examine each case separately. Dogs must be on a leash.
  • Ground fires are forbidden, barbecues are allowed.
  • Please insure the noise levels are kept to a minimum.
  • Children are the responsibility of their parents or supervisors.
  • You can use your boat but it is absolutely mandatory to wear a lifejacket.
  • The use of drugs and excessive alcohol is not allowed on site.
  • Tube marker sticks are allowed, however no marker with a line such as an H marker will not be tolerated.
  • The use of bait boats is allowed.
  • Leadcore is forbidden, only Korda leaders “Dark Matter Safe Zone leaders” are allowed.
  • The use of braid for the main line and header is prohibited. Hook links must only be fluorocarbon or coated braid.
  • Leaders are prohibited.
  • Barbless hooks are mandatory.
  • Make sure your rigs allows the release of the lead weight in case of breakage, the safety of our fish being our priority.
  • Carp sacks are prohibited.
  • Tagging or mutilation of fish is strictly prohibited.
  • The owner and manager reserve the right to check your equipment at any time during your stay.
  • Notify us when you have caught a carp weighing more than 25 kg. We will help you to take professional photos.
  • If you do not respect the rules and regulations, you will be immediately expelled from the site WITHOUT compensation.

L’étang des Vaises, is only available for one-week stays from Saturday to Saturday. The exclusive rental of the lake for up to 6 anglers, including a cottage for 4 people is:

1499 € for 2 or 3 anglers.

1599 € for 4 anglers and more.

L’étang de Vaise
D129, 03240 Cressanges
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L’étang de Vaise

address : Le Moulin de Vaise 03240 Cressanges | GPS coordinates Lat :46.43083 - Long : 3.19432

L’étang de Vaise is located just 30 minutes from the town of Moulin. For those wishing to enjoy their stay and to discover the region, we suggest the following visits:

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