Fishstock “L’Etang de Vaise”

The fish stock of Létang de Vaise is unique. A total of 110 carp between 12 and 27.2 kg were introduced for an average weight of more than 15 kg. In addition, there are 10 grass carp weighing up to 29 kg, 10 koi carp, 2 silver carps of 26 and 29 kg and 2 mandarin catfish of 18 and 25 kg.

All fish are chipped to avoid theft and accurately track their growth. During the closing period, pellets are distributed several times a week in order to keep our fish healthy and to increase the average weight. In parallel, a bubbler system has been installed to maintain good water quality and sufficient levels of oxygen to stimulate fish to activley search for food.

Capturing specimens that inhabit the lakes will require precision and is aimed at experienced anglers. The lake is not intended to provide dozens of bites per day but rather to offer the opportunity to capture exceptional carp.