La Plaine des Bois – Plaine 2


A wild site made up of 2 gravel pits very rich in fish and densely wooded. The Plaine des Bois area is located just 1 hour from Paris, you can combine fishing and tourist activities.

If you like gravel pit fishing but the comfort of a simple bivvy is not enough for you or your companions, the Plaine des Bois is the perfect site! You also have the option of renting the entire site (Plaine 1 and Plaine 2): an ideal option if you want to share a session with a group of friends or treat yourself to the luxury of fishing two different gravel pits by walking just a few meters.

La Plaine 2 has two stations with an identical chalet on each of them. Each chalet has a room of approximately 15 m2, a kitchen area has been fitted out and 2 single beds are available. The chalet is connected to electricity, fans and radiators are provided, it is forbidden to bring your own devices. The chalet also has a courtyard of approximately 10 m2 with a picnic table to enjoy the outdoor environment, drinking water arrives at this courtyard. The La Plaine des Bois area is equipped with a toilet block with 2 showers, 2 toilets and a sink.

It is advisable to use a rodpod and not spades. A boat, 1 weighing bag, 1 landing mat are included in the offer. We allow a maximum of 2 fishermen per station.

The average depth is 2.5 meters with a maximum depth of 4 m.



Near to: 100 km S. Paris


  • 1 poste + chalet750 €
  • 2 postes + chalet1400 €
  • Plaine 1 + Plaine 2 en exclusivité2200 €

Dates available :

Poste 1
Poste 2

    I want to book a week:

    Poste 1

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    Weekly rental only.

    Poste 2

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    Weekly rental only.

    Lake Map

    La Plaine des Bois – Plaine 2 Fishstock

    The precise stock of the Plaine des Bois is difficult to estimate precisely, even if we chip all the new fish, the stock fish are not all recorded. According to our estimates and our stockings, we estimate the stock at around 150 fish from 9 to 29 kg with an average weight of 14 kg.

    On-site services

    To prepare for your stay, it is possible to order your consumables on site or via our online service.

    You must submit your order at least 2 weeks before your arrival to be sure that the products are available.

    As a reminder :

    • Using your own seeds is prohibited
    • The use of fresh boilies is obligatory
    • Barbless hooks are mandatory

    Engine rental

    1 moteur 55 lbs + 2 batteries lithium 100 Ah

    75 €

    The equipment

    • Chauffage électrique et ventilateur.
    • Table suspendue
    • Plaque cuisson double (induction)
    • Réfrigérateur avce petite partie congélateur
    • Micro-ondes
    • Bouilloire électrique
    • Cafetière (machine à dosette)
    • Grille-pain
    • Couverts, assiettes, bols, tasses, verres
    • Poêles et casseroles
    • Saladiers
    • Tire-bouchon et ouvre boites
    • Passoires
    • Planche à découper
    • Balais
    • 2 chaises
    • 2 lits simples de 800 x 200 cm recouverts d’une housse de protection
    • Table de pique-nique
    • Eau froide
    • Bloc sanitaire à quelques mètres
    • 1 barque
    • 2 tapis de réception
    • 2 sacs de pesée
    Autres remarques
    • Indisponible : Le linge de lit et de maison n’est pas fourni
    • Indisponible : Climatisation
    • Indisponible : Wifi
    • Indisponible : TV
    • Indisponible : eau dans le chalet

    Rules and regulations

    Arrival time: between 12 p.m. and 2 p.m. – Departure time: between 9 a.m. and 10 a.m.
    It is important to respect these times otherwise the gate will be closed.

    • After unloading your equipment, you must park your car in the designated parking lot.
    • Only green or camouflage tents and umbrellas are permitted.
    • Swimming is prohibited.
    • Contact us when you want to bring a dog, we must consider each case separately. Dogs must be kept on a leash and their droppings picked up.
    • Ground fires are prohibited, barbecues are permitted.
    • Please limit noise pollution.
    • Children are the responsibility of their parents or supervisors.
    • 1 boat is available free of charge, it is absolutely obligatory to wear a life jacket. It is prohibited to bring your own boat.
    • Excessive drug and alcohol consumption is not permitted on site.
    • 2 landing mats, 2 weighing bags are included in the price. It is forbidden to use your own equipment for this. You must BRING fish sanitizer.
    • Tube markers are authorized, however no marker with a thread such as an H marker will be tolerated.
    • The use of bait boats is authorized.
    • Boilies with preservatives are prohibited, you can only fish with fresh bait without preservatives.
    • Due to poor preparation of particles by some fishermen, all cooked seeds are prohibited on the Vaise pond. You can buy seeds prepared on site.
    • Leadcore is prohibited, only Korda “Dark Matter Safe Zone leaders” are allowed.
    • Barbless hooks are mandatory. We do not allow any exceptions, if we find a rig equipped with barb hooks, you will be immediately evicted without compensation and the security deposit will be kept!
    • Braiding on the main line and at the bottom of the line is prohibited. Only fluorocarbon and grained braids are allowed on the leader.
    • Headlines are prohibited.
    • Make sure that your assembly allows the release of the lead in the event of breakage, the safety of our fish being our priority.
    • Storage bags are prohibited.
    • Marking or mutilating fish is strictly prohibited.
    • The owner and manager reserve the right to check your equipment at any time during your stay.
    • If you do not comply with the rules, you will be immediately kicked off the site WITHOUT compensation.

    Some videos of the place

    Adresse : Clos du Lyot 45210 Fontenay-sur-Loing
    Coordonnées GPS Lat :48.064130 – Long : 2.757058

    La plaine des bois

    Clos de Lyot Fontenay-sur-Loing

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    To discover near La Plaine des Bois – Plaine 2

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